Welcome to Coptic Orthodox Answers (COA):

a service that is dedicated to offering Apostolic, Coptic Orthodox Answers to all those who are searching and posing questions in their faith.



We are excited to announce the official launch of this project for Wednesday February 15th 2017.

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Is partaking of the Eucharist really essential for salvation?

“Do you need God’s medicine? Watch and listen as Fr. Gabriel Wissa explains the importance of the Eucharist using Scriptural and Patristic readings and elucidating our need to partake of the Eucharist to attain salvation.”

What is Coptic Orthodox Answers?

The purpose behind COA is to offer our North American Orthodox Youth answers to some hard hitting questions. These will be made available using technology, art, and the power of social media. The goal is to make the wealth of our Coptic Orthodox faith readily available to all those who are searching both within and outside the Coptic Orthodox Church.


In the meantime, here’s a sneak-peak of what you can expect from such a service.


Did God Create Evil?

Have you ever wondered where evil came from? If God is all good as Christians claim, and He is the Creator of everything, then can we assume that He is also the source of all that we consider evil in the world? Watch and see how Fr. Gabriel Wissa gives us a Scriptural and Patristic account of how we make sense of such a question.


Why is the Church Against Abortion?

This is one of the most contended topics within society today. How do we have a spiritual approach to such a politically charged debate? Where does the Church get her stance on such a topic? View the following video and see how Fr. Anthony Mourad shares with us the Apostolic stance that has existed in the Church from the very first centuries.



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