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Why is Gen. 1 divided into 7 days? Why God rests on the 7th day? by Fr. Gabriel Wissa

  In our last video, we discussed the real meaning of Genesis 1, and we saw how the text is part of an introduction that leads to Abraham, the father of the Jews. And that the main purpose of the text was to discuss the creation of the world but with the purpose of  demythologizing, or

What is Genesis 1 REALLY saying? by Fr. Gabriel Wissa

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit; One God, Amen. Since the Enlightenment period, and its associated scientific discoveries, way too many people have spent countless hours comparing the Bible with contemporary science, or

How should a Christian approach SCIENCE?

How should a Christian approach science? Is science something a Christian should be uncomfortable with? Is it a threat against his or her faith? Also, do Orthodox Christians agree with the concept of blind faith? Did the Early Church live