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How should you fast?

One of the most common misconceptions these days is that fasting should be done in the spirit only. Meaning, there’s no need to fast in the body. For some, this is a logical idea… after all, Christians ought to be

How can I know God’s will for my life?

How can I know God’s will for my life? Why is God’s will so difficult to understand? And, how do I recognize it? Am I supposed to feel something? It is true that the will of God is sometimes difficult

The Stages of Temptation & Addiction: Part 1

The Church often teaches us that within our spiritual life, there will be warfare. And if warfare, then there must be an enemy. And if an enemy, then we are under attack. If you have ever wondered what these attacks

Discovering the Depth of the Orthodox Prayer Life

As we walk through our earthly journey, sometimes our minds wonder: “Why is Orthodoxy so demanding?” “why do I need to endure these long prayers and even more long fasting periods?” “Is all of this really necessary?” “Is it needed

How to control your thoughts? 4 sure ways to help you gain control.

Controlling our thoughts and feelings can often be challenging and sometimes very frustrating but when we gain authority over our mind, our lives flourish. We develop a winning attitude and we can successfully overcome adversity. Gaining control over our mind

How do we know that Jesus Christ really existed?

Have you ever wondered if Jesus really existed as a person within history? Do you have any evidence?  Is there anything outside the bible that proves he ever existed? Let’s take a look at what history has to say about

Why women cannot become priests? Is the Church sexist?

All Apostolic churches, namely all Orthodox and Catholic churches have been only ordaining males to the Priesthood since the birth of the Church in the first century. Is this simply due to the Patriarchal societies of the time? In other

How ought we deal with Racism and Xenophobia as Orthodox Christians?

Have you ever witnessed or been subject to racism and ethnic discrimination before? How did you deal with it? Ever wonder what the right Orthodox Christian approach to it should be? Let’s take a look at this together!  Today my

What is the REAL meaning of a woman being the helper of man? Is there gender equality in Christianity? Shouldn’t a male hold women in high esteem?

What is the real meaning of a woman being the helper of man? Is there true gender equality in Christianity? Are women some sort of assistants or second-class citizens? Should a man use this term to dominate women or to

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