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Why does God allow NATURAL DISASTERS? Why coronavirus? by Fr. Gabriel Wissa

Our beloved Father Anthony Mourad explained in a previous video why God allows pain and suffering (link in the comments below) but why does God allow natural disasters? What about the current pandemic of the coronavirus? Are these distressful natural disasters an act of God as they are often attributed? Are they the outcome of God’s wrath? Let

Is hell a real fire? Does God want to chastise us for eternity?

Is Hell a Real Fire? Is hell a real fire? Could it be? If it were, why would God create this fire? Does He want to chastise us forever? Many Christians and non-Christians alike have serious difficulties in approaching a

If God has foreknowledge, why does He CREATE people that will go to hell?

If God, in His foreknowledge, knows that such a person will reject Him and go to hell, then why does He create them in the first place? To understand the answer to this question, it is recommended to two videos

Why Does a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Why does a loving God send people to hell ? Many people ask: “Why does a loving God send people to hell?” To answer this question, we have to step back and answer a different question first: what is the